Visegrad Fund Project: Course ‘Democracy in transition with V4 experience’

During the 04/02/18 – 04/05/18 a foreign lecturer Getnet Tamene of Alexander Dubcek University of (Trenčín, Slovakia) visited Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University for the third time within the Visegrad project.

A foreign lecturer Getnet Tamene studies the contemporary international relations and politics, especially questions related to the main trends in African and European policies, provides the competent view on the current global political issues. The conducted lectures and discussions were very useful because the ‘Democracy in transition with V4 experience’ topics were presented with the help of David Reichardt, a well-known specialist in international relations and world politics, a lecturer of the Comenius University in Bratislava.

Besides the qualified focus on the material of democracy in transition with V4 countries experience, the lectures were combined with the visual presentation and interesting discussion. The discussions took place right after the lectures and the results of the presented themes were very fruitful. The students were very active in covering the questions of the modern International relations. Both students and lecturer noticed the great potential in the ukrainian political system in connection with the European Union projects and activities and found out the new information about the Visegrad fund research events and possibilities.

The discussions were carried out in English, giving students opportunity to gain practical English skills while discussing interesting and up-to-date aspects of Visegrad Group democratic transformations.

The mentioned lectures and discussions emphasize the importance of the researched democratic processes and the experience of Visegrad Group countries in relevance to Ukrainian political realities, and present up-to-date information on the activities of Visegrad Fund.

It should be noted that the 2017/2018 academic year is the final year of the Visegrad fund project implementation. However, the course ‘Democracy in transition with V4 experience’ will be taught under the main program for students of the Political Science Faculty.

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ЧНУ імені Петра Могили запрошує на день відкритих дверей

27 січня 2019 р. з 10:00 по 14:00 в Чорноморському національному університеті ЧНУ імені Петра Могили пройде день відкритих дверей.

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