At all times, translator’s profession was considered to be of great importance. But only since 1991, the representatives of this profession have begun to celebrate their professional holiday

30, September is the day when this holiday is celebrated. This day has been chosen in honor of the famous historian, writer, and translator, St. Jerome, who has been translating Books of the Old and New Covenant. And his version of the translation of these valuable documents was announced to be an official Latin text of the Scripture.

Students of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, who have decided to connect their life with translation in the future, have taken part in the celebration. The corridors of the Institute of Philology  were decorated with different countries’ flags and posters with congratulations. Photo zones, where everyone could make commemorative photos, were prepared outside.

After lectures, talented students of the Institute of Philology have made a concert. The zest of the evening was the film presented by translators. The festive and friendly atmosphere was in the assembly hall. After the final note of the event, the audience vigorously applauded.

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СashCode 2017

On June 8, at 13:00 pm the system programming competition #CashCode with the money prize will take place in PMBSNU.



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