Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Telephone (0512) 76 55 95

E-mail: chdu.sport@gmail.com

Building 3

Room 3-105

Dean: Andrey Anatoliyovych Chernozub, Ph.D. in physical education and sport, associate professor.

Deputy Dean: Ivan Olegovich Chaban, a top-level Athletics coach

Aims/ Objectives of the department The main goal of the academic teaching staff is an educational and organizational work aimed at improving the quality of teaching physical education lessons, involving students into mass sports and recreation activities, building knowledge, skills, training needs of independent physical education and sports, promoting the healthy lifestyle and highly active work of students.

Brief history

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports started its history as a part of Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University on September 1, 2016. The Faculty offers rigorous 4 year Bachelor degree program. Our graduates who get the qualification of a coach in a chosen sport, a teacher of physical education - a specialist professionally trained for working in sport and physical training sphere, and/or managing sport, and recreation establishments.

Graduates of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport can occupy the following positions:

  • a coach of a chosen sport;
  • a teacher of Physical Education;
  • a teacher in a professional educational institution;
  • an instructor of a training center;
  • an instructor of organizational work;
  • an instructor of Physical Education and Sports;
  • a managing director of sports facilities;
  • an executive director of the Federation of the sport;
  • a director (manager) of a sport oriented enterprise, institution, organization ;
  • a director of a sports center, tourism or health complex;

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports includes three Departments:

  • Department of Olympic and Professional Sports;
  • Department of Combat and Strength Sports;
  • Department of Physical Education and Sport

Additional Information