The history of the faculty is originated in 1997. The Mykolaiv region needed eminently qualified political scientists thus it caused the appearance of the specialty "political science" in 2000.

The doctor of Science, Professor M.O. Bahmet became the first dean. Later the doctor of Science, Professor O.V. Shevchuk has become the dean since September, 2011.

Nowadays approximately 400 students study at the specialties "Political Science", "International Relations", "History". There exist 3 departments: political science, international relations and foreign policy, history at the faculty. Also there work 11 doctors of science, professors, 25 candidate of science, senior lectures.

Foreign policy

To provide the standard of education, which meets the international requirements, the faculty keeps high permanent and firm relations with various international organizations and international universities:

  • Ca 'Foscari University (Venice, Italy);

  • University of Krakow (Poland);

  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) «Support for democracy in Ukraine";

  • Dechzhouzkyy University (China).

The students have an opportunity to go abroad with the helping of the international programs «Camp America», Fulbright. It gives them a possibility to know the whole world and get acquainted with the Western system of education to continue their studying of Master’s degree in different leading European universities.

Masters in political science, international relations and history – a fully qualified, trained for scientific, educational and practice. Graduating students are masters of theory, professional skills and can realize themselves in different areas, which require fundamental and humanities.

Final-year students of political science may occupy the following positions according their level of qualification:

Political scientist; collaborator of domestic policy and youth policy and family ODA; referent ODA policies; analyst and consultant on political issues; professor of social and political subjects; political commentator; editor socio-political issues.

"International relations" graduates can work as:

Attaché; diplomatic agent; diplomatic courier; assistant expert on foreign policy issues; secretary diplomatic agencies; assistant adviser on foreign policy issues; fellow of foreign policy and foreign economic activity in the administrations; expert, consultant or assistant advertising agencies and other positions that are provided for the replacement of specialists with higher education in international affairs.

"History" graduates can work as:

Teachers, employees of academic institutions; teachers and administrators of educational institutions; heads of regional, city and district education departments; researchers in museums, archives area in government and administration; advisors and consultants departments and agencies, MPs, political parties and public associations; internal specialist departments and humanitarian policy of regional, city and district levels.

Masters of Political Science, International Relations and History can take post graduate studies at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, in others universities to get higher education to obtain a degree of Candidate of Science or to begin a program of Ph. D.