Faculty of Economic Sciencen

Faculty of Economic Science was one of the first founded in 1996 in the Mykolayiv branch NaUKMA. The first specialty was "Finance". Currently, the faculty provides education in four areas and specialties - "Finance, banking and insurance with foreign language skills," "Business, trade and stock exchange activity," "Accounting and taxation," "Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management".

    Faculty’s International Cooperation:
  • • The Faculty of Economics offers its students a variety of academic and non-academic programs. Students can pass the profile short-certified education in English at Schiller International University (Heidelberg, Germany); University College Plymouth St.Mark and St. John (Plymouth, UK), Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic), Economics Vienna University (Vienna, Austria), International Academy named after M. Buldyanskyi (Bratislava, Slovakia), Maritime Academy (Slupsk, Poland), and Richmond International University (London, UK).
  • • Camp America program provides four month internship in the US or Australia summer camps. International project “EduCare” offers students the opportunity to study in an American university for a year. And the Faculty of Economic Sciences is constantly expanding the international relations and cooperation.
  • Varna University of Management (Bulgaria).
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University (Welles).
  • Roehampton University (UK).
  • Acting Dean of the Economics Faculty, Ph.D., associate professor Natalia Ishchenko (0512) 46-41-26
  • Department of Finance and Credit, Ph.D., Professor Yuri Verlanov (0512) 76-55-97
  • Department of Land Management, Professor Horlachuk Valery (0512) 76-92-77
  • Department of Economics Enterprise, Professor Alexander Kuzmenko (0512) 76-92-77
  • Department of Accounting and Auditing, Professor Yuri Velykiy (0512) 76-55-63
  • Department of Professional English Education, Ph.D., associate professor Natalia Babkova-Pylypenko (0512) 76-55-63