Medical Institute

Hennadii V. Hryshchenko

Ph.D. (Candidate) in Medical Science, Associate Professor

Director of the Medical Institute

Field of Knowledge 22 "Health care", specialty 222 "Medicine", educational qualification "Master of Medicine", professional qualification "Doctor".

The specialty "Medicine" is aimed at obtaining a doctor degree.

The doctor is a specialist who obtained a "Medical" degree (complete higher medical education) and is engaged in human health support or recovery through the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of diseases and injuries in the order established by the law.

According to the Resolution of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on "Procedure for the Job Placement of the Publicly-Funded Graduates" No. 992 of 22.08.1996 (as amended 30 April 2015), the medicine is the only branch of study, implying that the high educational institutions provide their publicly-funded graduates with job placement in the state-owned sector of the national economy.

As soon as the newly qualified specialists run out the government-set term (lasting not less than 3 years), they can undertake retraining and get other medical specialty except stomatology and execute the corresponding professional work.

Also Postgraduate Medical Education includes a specialization, a training, etc..

In accordance with the Article 47 of the Law of Ukraine on "The Higher Education" it is possible to continue of training of graduates in medicinal residency, a clinical internship, etc..

The regular continuing medical education with the constant recertification (once per 5 years), giving the opportunity to obtain a qualification grade is obligatory.

Four durable practices in healthcare institutions of a city or area throughout the training are provided by a curriculum:

  • patient care - 3 weeks on the 2nd year of studies;
  • nurse practice - 3 weeks on the 3rd year of studies;
  • medical professional practice - 4 weeks on the 4th year of studies;
  • medical professional practice - 4 weeks on the 5th year of studies.

Clinical disciplines classes will take place on clinical sites of the university – in medical and preventive institutions of the city. The focus will be put on the developing practical skills being directly with a patient and treating him/her.

The doctor is the key person of the medical staff.

The studying is carried out according to the educational program of the general medical training followed by the specialization in an internship.

The internship is an obligatory form of primary specialization of medical specialists.

It is implemented in the medical educational institutions and Academies of Postgraduate Education at the place of assignment to work. During the internship a particular medical specialization is obtained:

  • general practice – family medicine;
  • therapy;
  • surgery;
  • obstetrics and gynaecology;
  • healing fitness and sports medicine;
  • emergency medical treatment;
  • anesthesiology;
  • dermatovenerology;
  • zymotic diseases;
  • neuropathology;
  • neurosurgery;
  • oncology;
  • orthopedics and traumatology;
  • otolaryngology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • professional pathology;
  • psychiatry;
  • radiology;
  • forensic medical analysis;
  • urology;
  • physiotherapy;
  • phthisiology;
  • doctor in radiation therapy;
  • doctor in radionuclide diagnostics;
  • virologist;
  • geneticist;
  • infection disease doctor;
  • laboratory doctor (clinical pathologist);
  • clinical pathologist in the field of genetics;
  • autopsist;
  • occupational physician;
  • psychiatrist;
  • adolescent doctor;
  • factory's sector doctor;
  • urinologist;
  • physical therapist;
  • phthisiologist.

The classes of clinical disciplines will take place on the university clinical sites in medical and preventive institutions of the city. The focus will be put on developing practical skills being directly with a patient and treating him/her.

The university admits the citizens of Ukraine, foreign nationals, and stateless persons who have already completed their secondary education.

The cost of training in "Medicine" is $3,700 per year..

Specialty "Physical Rehabilitation"

Future professionals in the field of Physical Rehabilitation are taught of anatomy, human physiology, the basics of the physical study, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation after serious diseases and traumas, technical means and methods of physical rehabilitation and medicine in sports. Students of this specialty study two foreign languages, obtain practical skills of massage therapy, manual therapy and physical therapy.

Physical Rehabilitation professionals can work at the rehabilitation educational establishments; the population social protection establishments; in the specialized groups at pre-school institutions; the general education institutions and specialized schools, the board schools, the children orphanages, the out-of-school educational facilities; at the resort rehabilitation centers and the health and recreational resorts; at the state and local governmental rehabilitation centers; at the executive departments, enterprises and organizations of different forms of ownership where the professionals of this specialty are needed.

Nowadays 6 Doctors of Sciences, 17 PhDs, 20 lecturers and 11 top specialists of the supporting staff work at the Department. The Faculty is rapidly developing, research laboratories are getting improved and relations with other scientific and educational establishment and nature reserves are being optimized.

Specialty "Ecology and Environmental Protection"

Future professionals of this specialty are taught on the principles of national and international experience. They gain useful theoretical and practical skills in the field of ecology, biology, and evolution theory. Students learn more about the environment impact factors and the measures aimed to support balance of nature etc. They acquire fundamental knowledge and practical skills in two foreign languages (English – obligatory; the second foreign language – optional). A special attention is paid to professionals’ adaptive skills and their ability to solve global ecological problems, to provide necessary ecological conditions for living and preserve flora and fauna biodiversity. The curriculum of this specialty meets the modern international standards.

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