Faculty of Computer Science

The Dean of the Faculty: Angela P. Boyko, PhD, Associate Professor.

The Dean's Deputy: Yevhen O. Davydenko, PhD, Associate Professor.

The Methodist of the Dean's Office: Liliia S. Martynova.


Reason 1. IT is the promising industry

IT specialists are number one in the list of well-paid and required professions both in Ukraine and the world. In 2015 the shortage of qualified specialists was 170 thousand in Ukraine and this number is continues to grow. The amount of IT companies is also increasing. The speed of industry development for the last two years is about 20% and annual average increasing of the IT-outsourcing market is about 40%. It`s enough just to Google “The most well-paid professions in Ukraine,” “…required…” and everything becomes clear.

Reason 2. The best university

Our university is the best in Mykolaiv, it takes 5th place in southern region and 44th place in Ukraine

Reason 3. The best Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University is one of the best in Ukraine and shares 2-4 places along with Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics among all IT universities in Ukraine.

Reason 4. All the necessary specialties

All main IT specialties from Programming to Robotics are studied in our university.

Reason 5. Up-to-date training facilities

TThe faculty is equipped with modern computers and equipment. There are 12 computer classes; computer laboratory created in cooperation with the company GlobalLogic Ukraine; MOODLE—distance learning class created with support of Tempus-Tacis Joint European Project; scientific laboratories of reconfigurable FPGA systems; in-built Embedded Systems; microprocessor technology and real-time systems; as well as many more amenities.

Reason 6. First job

While studying in our university, students may get their first job. All university system administrators are the students of the Faculty of Computer Science, since the 2nd year of education.

Reason 7. The best graduates

Our graduates work in the most famous IT companies including Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. By the way, the Mayor of Mykolaiv, Oleksandr Senkevych, is also a graduate from our university.

Reason 8. Regular winners of contests

Our graduates get the best knowledge and that has been proven with numerous victories in different contests, academic competitions, and startup battles. Last year achievements: European Start-up Contest TEMPUS IT-EURECA!UKRAINE!–1st place; Students All-Ukrainian Contest of Scientific Works in the field of Computer Studies, Computing Hardware and Automation – 1st and 2nd place; IT-Universe Contest – 1st place in nomination of D-Link Protocols; prize winners in the final of International IT-Championship Golden Byte 2016 (in nomination of Start-up Challenge); Start-up Battle of European Project TEMPUS Cabriolet – 2nd and 3rd places.

Reason 9. Students' state rewards

The success of our students is recognized on different levels. One of our students, Borys Saltan, received a nominal scholarship of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In September two more students will receive scholarships of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Reason 10. Students' international internship programs

The faculty has students' international internship and exchange programs have been developed incorporation with European and American universities. For instance, many of our students participate in the Fulbright Scholar Program and continue their studying in American Institutions of higher education. Some of the students are the participants of Deutscher Akademischer Austauschduenst (DAAD) program and study in summer schools in Germany. Some of our students visit Korea and Japan for educational purposes also. Likewise, our students have an opportunity to visit America or China to practice their language skills, work, and travel throughout the summer holiday.

Reason 11. Connections with Europe

A great variety of European scientific and educational programs are practiced within our faculty. This allows our students to integrate into the European scientific and educational sphere. For instance, it is widely known we house a European project TEMPUS "Cabriolet" within our faculty therefore many different foreign specialists come to us. We also hold Start-up battles and our lecturers and students work on probation in other countries.

Reason 12. Our best lecturers

Our students are taught by our best lecturers (9 are Doctors of Science, Professors and more than 20 Ph.D.'s and Readers) all of whom not only work on probation abroad, but also cooperate with leading IT-companies. This allows for improvement in our educational program in accordance with the last market trends and also helps with graduate employment. Some lecturers, despite university, also work with IT-companies in Mykolaiv region. For instance, M.T. Fisun, Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences and Professor, is a co-director of world-known IT-company GlobalLogic.

Reason 14. Working while Studying

Throughout the entire Mykolaiv Oblast, only our Faculty has the Specialized Academic Council that holds the defense of theses on computer systems and informational technologies, allowing our students to gain the degree of Doctor of Engineering directly at our University.

Reason 15. Specialized Academic Council

Throughout the entire Mykolaiv Oblast, only our Faculty has the Specialized Academic Council that holds the defense of theses on computer systems and informational technologies, allowing our students to gain the degree of Doctor of Engineering directly at our University.

Reason 16. Active Student Life

Apart from studying, students of the Faculty participate in extra-curriculum activities. They take part in football championships, other sport events, and strongly support the university team. Computer Science Faculty are one of best one in the ‘Battle of Faculties’ competition, namely in the contest of singing and dancing. Students of this Faculty possess a good sense of humour and a wide range of interests.

Reason 17. Lack of Corruption

The university is famous for its transparency and the lack of corruption.

The new specialty

On 2 July 2016 the University was licensed to establish another IT specialty – Engineering of Program Software. This branch of study is among the leading specialities in the market for informational technologies and it now graduates professional computer programmers. Today programmers are the most-needed workers, whose average salary varies from 1500 to 2500 US dollars.

About faculty

The Faculty of Computer Science is one of the most progressive, innovative and dynamic faculties of the rapidly developing university. The Faculty of Computer Science was established in February 1996 to train specialists in modern areas in the field of information technology. The FCS formed a unique staff of professors and lecturers: 11 doctors of sciences, professors, about 30 candidates of sciences, associate professors; a large number of lecturers are engaged in active practice in the leading IT-companies in Mykolayiv. Not only the qualified scientists and pedagogues who have created their areas in scientific research but also a proper educational and material base promote a successful education on the faculty. These are, first of all, the computer classes appointed with modern computer equipment. The education received at the faculty has an international level of competitiveness in many areas where information computer technologies are used. The value of the education received at the Faculty is recognized in Ukraine, in European countries and in America, which is confirmed by a large number of graduates employed in these countries. A key feature of the FCN is the close interaction with the leading IT companies in forming the development strategy and organization of the learning process.

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