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Specialized Academic Councils for Doctoral Dissertations and Master Thesis Defense

Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University has 5 specialized councils which held     thesis (doctoral and candidate dissertations) defense for 9 specialties.

Since 1996, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University publishes scientific-methods journal “Proceedings/ Naukovipratsi” which received professional status for the series:

The Head of the Research Department: Viacheslav Andreev (Candidate in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor)


Innovative activity is one of priority work of research part assignments

An innovation is the process oriented at creation, development and quality improvement of new types of wares, technologies, organizational forms, that is characterized by the new forms of integration of science, technique and production, envisages participation of different organizations and departments.

An innovation of new ideas, technologies, types of products are applying in the industry and administrative activity. The young scientists of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University continue their work. Accordingly to the Suggestion of the PMBSNU about research work of students, the basic tasks of the youth scientific community are the followings:

1) improving the quality of scientific researches of young scientists;

2) facilitating the participation of students and young scientists in the subject Olympiads;

3) creating and organizing of the scientific groups, societies, other associations of young scientists of higher educational establishments, research and academic establishments in accordance with basic priorities of scientific activity;

4) involving the students into domestic and international projects that are conducted in higher educational establishments;

5) promoting international exchange of students , pedagogical and scientific staff with the purpose of carrying out joint scientific researches, participation in scientific forums, conferences and other events, internships , exchange of experience.


Scientific centers and institutes:

  • TOEFL- center on a base of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University Volunteer center
  • Research Laboratory of Alternative Energy Sources
  • Institute of Research and Educational Support the Environmental Component of Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region
  • Information Center of the European Union in Mykolaiv Laboratory of Reconfigurable systems “EPGA”
  • Mykolaiv branch of the History Institute of NAS of Ukraine
  • Laboratory of Embedded Systems
  • Educational and Scientific Center for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine
  • Scientific Institute of Radiation and Ecological Safety
  • Research Institute of Polish studies
  • Scientific-Educational Laboratory of Microprocessor-Based system for Controlling the State of the Environment
  • The southern branch of the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Studies in M.S.Hrushevsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Center for Social and Psychological Support, Professional Development and Employment Promotion
  • Center of Sociological Research
  • Center of French Language


Scientific and technical developments of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

  • Control technology, structure formation in the casting of iron products in order to provide specific physical and mechanical properties
  • Composite material of permanent molds for casting iron parts
  • Resource-saving ecologically clean technologies in mechanical engineering
  • Device for supplying electrically conductive fluid
  • Startup protection module for synchronous motors
  • Modular object-oriented scientific-educational environment for the provision of the free choice of students and teachers
  • Energy efficient University
  • The implementation of informatively-billing network of transmission and access of information on a base of GSM/GPS technologies
  • Providing of transmission of educational content by the channels of GSM (informative channel of the distance system of education)
  • Technology of casting details from various materials and alloys by the method of a vacuum suction
  • A method of suppressing the dust formation and fixing of a surface of sludge red mud
  • Automated light therapeutic device “Khvylja – M”
  • A method of treating diseases of the spine and device for its implementation
  • The mobile electrocardiograph
  • The system of urgent iodic prophylaxis is in case of accident on NPP
  • A cogeneration system

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СashCode 2017

On June 8, at 13:00 pm the system programming competition #CashCode with the money prize will take place in PMBSNU.



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