Important Dates

Significant Dates

We present you a calendar of the major dates of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.

Calendar of events

June, 1995 – The director of KNVP “Tribotekhnika” L. P. Klimenko expresses the idea about creating a university in Mykolaiv with a focus on the humanities.

The 30th of August, 1995 – The organizing committee for opening a new educational institution was created.

The 17th of January, 1996 – The academic Council of National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” accepted the concept, the business plan, and the provision about the Mykolaiv Affiliate of the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (MA NaUKMA).

The 31st of January, 1996 – Mykolaiv Executive Committee registered new higher education institution—the MA NaUKMA.

The 13th of June, 1996 – Committee made the decision to issue MA NaUKMA the license for the right of training of specialists: “economy,” “computer sciences,” and “ecology” along with the plan to recruit 175 people.

The 3rd of July, 1996 The resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No. 712 “About creation of “Mykolaiv Affiliate of the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” is accepted.

The 7th of December, 1996 – The first volunteer of United States Peace Corps, Laura Udgelman, works with students of Mykolaiv branch, teaching economic and ecological disciplines as well as English.

January, 1997 – The first “Mogilyansky readings” are carried out.

May, 1997 – Newspaper—“The Vagant”—had its first publication; the department “Political science” was also created.

The 30th of August, 1997 – Opening of a monument to the great patron of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Saint Petro Mohyla, in the yard of Mykolaiv branch of National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

September, 1997 – Faculty of foreign philology was created.

The 17th of January, 1998 – The art gallery in Mykolaiv branch of National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy opened. The first exhibition consisted of works from the best artists in the city of Mykolaiv.

February, 1998 – First edition of the collection “Naukovi pratsi,” Volume 1, was published by directions “economics,” “history,” “politics or philology?” “philosophy,” “ecology,” and “technical science”.

April, 1998 – First collection “Studentski naukovi studii”.

June, 1998 – Students of MA NaUKMA, Irina Chayka (economics faculty), Valentin Hatsuk (computer science faculty), and Olha Kostrova (ecology department) became finalists in the contest “Free Support Act Undergraduate Program” for study at American universities.

The 8th of July, 1998 – Sea ecological scientific expedition of MA NaUKMA  student ecologists starts on own vessel “Heya”.

October 22-25, 1998 –MA NaUKMA president, Leonid Klymenko, travels to Budapest for the symposium “Artes Liberales”. Intended to serve higher education establishments, principles of free creative education are provided.

November, 1998 – Enrollment of postgraduate studies representatives of Mykolaiv subsidiary: Roman Minakov, Oksana Biletska, Oleksandra Triguba, Victor Eliseev, and Kostyantyn Netudyhaty.

The 1st of June, 1999 – French-speaking Center and permanent agency of Mykolaiv region association “Alliance Française” opened in MA NaUKMA.

The 8th of June, 1999 – Dormitory on the street Chyhrina 82 gifted to University.

October, 1999 – Collection “Naukovi pratsi,” sections “Historical science” and “Economic science” are included to list #1 of Ukraine High Attestation Committee (HAC) of scientific professional publications. Results of thesis can be published for getting doctor’s and candidate’s degrees.

November, 1999 – Boiler house constructed.

The 19th of December, 1999 – Consecration of memorial sign eventuated at place of future Saint Mikolay chapel.

February, 2000 – Industrial Property Institute accepts three applications for inventions from MA NaUKMA prepared by doctor of technical science and professor of computer technologies, V.Y. Kutkovetskiy. Themes of the inventions—electromagnetic liquid treatment.

March, 2000 –MA NaUKMA hosted Mykolaiv tournament of the “What? Where? When?” Nationwide Synchronous Championship.

The 3rdofJuly 2000 –MA NaUKMA life convocation—a solemn ceremony of the bachelor diplomas disposal to the first graduates.

August, 2000 – Law faculty established.

The 1stof September 2000 – New educational building, which hosted the Faculty of Political Science, commissioned. Academy gained 14 auditories. Auditoriums?

The 9thof November 2000 – Ukrainian political research centre Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences (RI NAS) established. M.O. Bahmet became scientific supervisor.

December, 2000 – Gym with contemporary wellness and physical therapy equipment opened.

January, 2001 – Food unit founded.

The 30th of January 2000 – The first defense for the Candidate of Political Science (Doctor of Philosophy) degree performed by the applicant, R.O. Grishkova.

The 9thof February 2001 – The first defense for the Candidate of Historical Science (Doctor of Philosophy) degree performed by postgraduate, O.P. Tryhub.

December, 2001 – Joint meeting of the NaUKMA and MA NaUKMA scientific councils, decides to establish Mykolaiv State Humanitarian University (MSHU).

The 13th of March 2002 – an order № 112-r since 03.13.02. “About a formation of Petro Mohyla Mykolaiv State Humanitarian University” of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy complex was issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The 27th of March 2002 – Centre of student career and employment promotion presented.

The 15th of April 2002 – Establishment of educational and scientific complex “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”:

  • a constitute contract between the president of NaUKMA V.S. Bryuhovetsky and PM MSHU rector L.P. Klymenko was concluded;
  • Approval of the “Regulations on educational and scientific complex “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.

The 26th of April, 2002 – The first defense of a doctoral thesis in MA NaUKMA. A candidate for the degree of technical sciences doctor, the current Rector, Leonid Klymenko, defended the results of his research successfully.

The 15 th of November, 2002 – The state department of intellectual property of The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued the patent for invention No. 50844 dated 15.11.2002, bull. No. 11, “Device for moving the conductive liquid” to the Doctor of technical sciences, Professor of Petro Mohyla Mykolaiv State Humanitarian University, Valentyn Yakovych Kutkovetskyi.

The 17th of January, 2003 – New gymnasium.

The 21 th of May, 2003 – The order of the Higher attestation сommission of Ukraine dated 21.05.2003, No. 262 grants Petro Mohyla Mykolaiv State Humanitarian University the first specialized scientific council with the right to consider and conduct defense of dissertations in order to obtain a scientific degree of candidate of political sciences, from the specialties 23.00.01 «the theory and the history of political thought» and 23.00.02 – «political institutions and processes» issued on the base of the presidium resolution of the Higher attestation commission of Ukraine dated 21.05.2003, No. 6-11/5.

April, 2004 –Japanese Center, where students have the opportunity to learn Japanese language, calligraphy, history, culture, arts, crafts, and martial arts.

The 29th -30 th of May, 2004Olviian forum of young economists.

July, 2005 – The Press Center of the University founded.

September, 2005 – Department of sociology founded.

October, 2006 – The Institute of public administration founded.

The 10th of October, 2006 – The Research and Training Center on European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine created.

March, 2007 – The Center for sociological research created.

The 7th of November, 2007– The Scientific-Methodical Center of the ecological security founded.

28th of December, 2007 – Solemn presentation of bachelors diplomas to graduates of university of extramural studies in the specialty «jurisprudence». It was the first graduation of the extramural students.

The 10th of December, 2008 – According to the Cabinet of Ministers Decree issued on 10 December 2008 No. 1521-r Petro Mohyla State Humanitarian University in Mykolaiv was reorganized into the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University.

2008 – Tbilisi Institute of Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University created.

2009 – First admission of students with disabilities.

The 31st of August, 2010– The first re-training courses for discharged military and members of their families within joint project of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the OSCE “Assistance in social adaptation for discharged military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

The 1th of September, 2010 – the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​transformed into the Institute of Philology.

May, 2011 – Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University was inaugurated into the department of Zhan Mone’s program.with the participation of the Head of Representation European Commission in Ukraine, Zhoze Manuel Pintu Teisheira, and representatives of a number of embassies from EU countries.

August, 2011 – Inauguration of the water station, where the first regatta from rowing “Black Sea Cup” launched, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

The 19st February, 2013–The Ceremonial opening of The Centre of Bulgarian language and culture was held.

The 7th November, 2013 – The Research Institute of Polish Studies opened.

February, 2014 – The Museum in Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University created.

The 21st May, 2014 – The University held third meeting of the National Round Table of National Unity, which was attended by the presidents of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma, Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the OSCE representative, Volfhanh Shynher, along with other officials and public figures.

The 26th September, 2014 – The Information Centre of the European Union in Mykolaiv opened with a ceremony at the premises of Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University and the participation of David Stulik – press attaché of the EU Delegation in Ukraine.

October, 2014 – The English Language Conversation Club (English-speaking club) started. Trista Rappert-McGetrick, a researcher from the United States of America, led the club.

The 1th of November, 2014 – The European and Global Integration Center opened.

The 17th of May, 2016 – The educational institution received a license for training specialists in second (master`s) degree in the specialty 222 “Medicine” in the amount of 150 people by order of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine No. 996-l.

The 14th of June, 2016 Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University was awarded with the status of National by the Presidential Decree No. 252.

Events and Announcements


Organizing committee of the 1st International Workshop on Information-Communication Technologies & Embedded Systems (ICT&ES-2019) is honored to announce that the event will be held on 14-15 of November, 2019 at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.
ICT&ES sets a goal to serve as a platform for publishing research results, sharing findings with other researchers, and development of collaborations between scientists. With active tremendous pace of technologies development, ICT&ES concentrates on development of models and methods in context of modern technologies and concepts
(IoT, SDN, AI, Big Data, Data Mining, Blockchain, etc.).
The program of the workshop also includes master-classes from the experts from the leading IT-companies of Mykolaiv.

Conference Topics:

  • Information systems
  • Intellectual systems
  • Software design and modeling
  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer networks
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Embedded Systems
  • Software and Hardware components of ES
  • FPGA-based systems


More detailed information can be retrieved from the official site of the conference.
Additionally, observe update on the events at Facebook.

All questions about the conference should be directed to Yaroslav Krainyk and Yevhen Davydenko.

Оголошення для викладачів Erasmus

Dear teachers!

We are happy to announce Competition for Erasmus + Teaching Mobility for two weeks at Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy.

The teacher will receive a full grant + covering for travel expenses up to € 360.

It will give you a unique opportunity to learn the best teaching practice in one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and to receive a certificate.

For more details and list of documents, please contact, International Department

Deadline for Applications – October 4, 2019.


Olbian Forum – 2018

PMBSNU is pleased to invite you to participate in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Olbian Forum-2018: Strategies of the Black Sea Region in the Geopolitical Space,” which will take place on June 7-10, 2018 (Koblevo village, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine).

The purpose of the forum is to exchange international experience of the Black Sea region countries regarding the identification of the best ways, directions, and the nature of theoretical, practical, and educational reforms adapted to European standards on the following issues: public administration; energy; radiation, technogenic and ecological safety of man and the environment; ecology; information technologies; philosophy; political science; sociology and linguistic culture, in the difficult conditions of the global financial and socio-economic crisis.

Please, contact us to get more information and join the event!

Deadline: May 14, 2018.
Phone: (0512) 76-55-99
Phone/fax: (0512) 50-00-69


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