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Newspaper “Vagant”

Welcome to the “Vagant” newspaper!

It’s not a secret that our life is full of change, because only in such a way we can grow and improve ourselves. The life of our publication is noexception, where a stimulus to innovation is primarily readers’ appeals and requests.

Nowadays the newspaper “Vagant” highlights the most current events of the University and the city.It also introduces different interesting people, such as gifted students and favorite lectures, considers most important and burning issues of our daily reality.

Unlike other student papers “Vagant” is made entirely by creative and united team of students from following specialties: “Journalism,” “Computer Science,” “Geodesy,” “Translation,” “Business Economics,” “Accounting & Audit,” and so on.

The news paper publishes the scientific work of lecturers and students, their achievements in various fields, performances at various conferences, forums and meetings. You have the opportunity to learn about the cooperation of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University with other foreign higher education institutions. Also, you can get information about different book presentations (artistic, scientific, popular scientific), even to make the acquaintance of authors, or get student’s travel notes on their enthralling travels.

Thus, if you want to join our creative process or have fresh ideas/suggestions to the editor, feel free to write us:, or call: (093) 58-17-451.

Events and Announcements

СashCode 2017

On June 8, at 13:00 pm the system programming competition #CashCode with the money prize will take place in PMBSNU.



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