On 18 March 2017, the students from the Faculty of Economics took part in the All-Ukrainian Academic Competition in Business English that was held by the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University and Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine”, and with the support of British Council sponsorship.

Try-outs took place at the universities. 24 first and second-year students from the Faculty of Economics took part in the try-out on 9 February 2017. According to the result, the following students came through to the final: Oleh Demkiv, Oleksandr Lopasov, Maksym Suprunchuk, Anhelina Holub, Valeria Dzhrahatspanian, Anastasiia Radchuk, Yana Mudra and Kateryna Novosolova.

The Academic Competition Final was divided into 2 parts:

1st part – vocabulary test of business English for the main business branches, intercultural norms of business communication.

2nd part –presentation of the company. The participants’ skills to structure the text of the presentation, to use visual aspects of different types, to answer the questions and summarize everything that was mentioned, and make conclusions, were estimated.

The judging panel (university professors and British Council native speakers) estimated the participants’ skills to cooperate with the audience, answer the questions and improvise. The students of our University showed a sufficient level of preparation.

Summarizing the results of the academic competition the students of our University took the following places:

Valeria Dzhrahatspanian – II place;

Maksym Suprunchuk – II place.

Let’s congratulate all the winners!

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