Educational Programs




Education field: 032 “History and Archaeology

Qualification granted: Bachelor of History, Teacher


The formation of basic concept about categorical system of specialty of History Teacher and understanding of importance of History for society are studied within the program. Students master of the methods of observation, description, classification, synthesis, analysis and get concept of the basic historical processes in the world and Ukraine.


The program develops the ability to apply basic methods of the historical processes analysis, to organize work accordingly to the requirements of Life Safety and Labor Protection; teaches how to conduct business communications in a professional field, providing knowledge on the basics of business communication; and develops the ability to debate and express own views on the historical processes in the world and Ukraine.


Courses taught within specialty training


Yurii V. Kotliar – Special Course of History, History of Ukraine, History of Ukraine – 2

Olha M. Haidai – History of Russia and USSR, Museology

Alina M. Iovcheva – Transitional Democracies based on the Experience of the Visegrad Four

Halyna S. Lozko – Ethnology, Special Course of Ethnology

Olha S. Morozova – History of Ukrainian Culture, Special Course of Local History and Culture

Iryna S. Mironova – History of Ukraine, Special Historical Courses, Didactics of History, Special Course of Source Studies, Historiography and Methodology, Historical Research Methods

Inna Ye. Pidbereznykh – Modern and Contemporary History of Western Europe and America, History of Slavic Countries, History of Historical Science

Nataliia V. Shevchenko – Special Course of Gender History, History of Ukraine

Yosyp M. Shkliazh – History of Russia and USSR, Special Historical Courses, History of World Culture

Larysa L. Levchenko – Archival Science

Ihor V. Pistruil – Prehistory, Special Course of Archaeology, Archaeology



Education field: 055 “International Relations, Social Communication and Regional Studies”

Qualification granted: Bachelor of the International Relations


The program teaches to analyze the international relations specific situations under historic, diplomatic, and economic legal approaches; to use the rules of protocol and etiquette in the communication and conversation process. It includes the application of theoretical propositions for analysis of international economic relations in practice, international relations of companies, regional institutions and organizations with foreign countries; and implementation of the direct and indirect translation from foreign language. Students study basics of the information realization (the analytical work planning) and the documents preparation for diplomatic communication (including reports, projects, and other business documents). Besides of it, future bachelors learn to take into consideration the law basis at activity realization; to accomplish position’s duties of the diplomatic and consular service representatives; to use the analysis methods of the conflict situations; and to apply the rules of diplomatic report and etiquette.


Courses taught within specialty training


Tetiana Ye. Bohdanova – Local History and Culture, Foreign Policy of North America Countries, Actual Problems of International Relations in Africa and Latin America.

Anastasiia O. Khmel – International Relations Theory, International Relations and World Politics, Foreign Policy of EU

Oleksandr V. Shevchuk – Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of Ukraine, Introduction to the Specialty

Liudmyla A. Vovchuk – Basics of Diplomacy (diplomatic and consular service, diplomatic protocol and etiquette), Foreign Policy of Asian Countries

Olesia O. Zvezdova – International organizations, Conflictology and Theory of Negotiations, Geopolitics and Geostrategy

Viktor O. Pohromskyi – World Economy and International Economic Relations (World Economy, International Economic Relations, Economy and External Economic Relations of Ukraine),Elementary Economics, Foreign Policy of Russia and CIS Countries.

Iryna V. Habro – Information Analytic Activities in International Relations, International Information.

Oleksandr P. Tryhub – History of Religions, History of Foreign Affairs.

Halyna V. Boichenko – History of Political Doctrines, History of Science and Technology.




“History and Archaeology”

Branch of study: 03 “Liberal Arts”

Specialty: 032 “History and Archaeology”        

Qualification: Master of History, Historian, Lecturer


The program is aimed at acquisition of the professional terminology of an educated historian/lecturer and comprehension of history significance for society. It provides the awareness of the urgent issues, connected with history, ethnology, pedagogy, and the Bologna Process; the theoretical and practical instrumental components of special courses in history, archaeology, ethnology, source criticism, historiography, and methodical principles/ The program gives understanding of the essence of the core historical problems of the Ukrainian people in the modern world. It develops the skills, which are important for analyzing the historical process and the work management in accordance with the life safety and protection of labor requirements; an ability to conduct the business communication in the professional sphere, its fundamentals and teamwork skills; a mastery to participate in any discussions, and to present the own viewpoints on the historical process in Ukraine and the whole world.


Courses taught within specialty training


Historical Philosophy, Theory of Guidance and Control, Social Anthropology, Fundamental Problems of the World History, Topical Issues of Ethnology, Fundamental Problems of the National History, Historical Chronology, Special Course in Archaeology, Civil Defense, Higher Education Teaching, Teaching Techniques, Intellectual Property, Special Course in Source Criticism, Historiography and Methodical Principles, European History of Science, History of State-Governing Bodies, Special Course in History and Ethnology, Business Foreign Language, Fundamentals of State and Local Management, Special Course in the Foreign Language.



“International Relations, Social Communication, and Regional Studies”

Branch of study, Specialty: 055 “International Relations, Social Communication, and Regional Studies”

Qualification: Master of Political Science and International Relations, Translator


Students gain an advanced knowledge of the chosen specialty in the scopes of this program. Particularly, it includes modeling various situations in international relations, the internal and external policy; forecasting the possible consequences of the international events; conducting the international and political analytical studies in the fields of law, foreign policy, and foreign economic; effective handling of the foreign agencies’ documents, national and foreign analytical institutions. Additionally, the master program provides the foreign language learning for the direct and reverse translation of documents.


Courses taught within specialty training


Oleksandr V. Shevchuk – Scientific seminar (theory of international relations in researches), international systems and global development

Oleksandr P. Tryhub – Current problems of foreign policy of Ukraine

Iryna V. Habro – Theoretical seminar (methodology of international relations studies), Analysis and forecasting of foreign policy, history of Ukrainian diplomacy

Anastasiia O. Khmel – International and European safety, Ukraine and the European Union

Viacheslav V. Nedbai – Public relations in terms of international relations, World policy today, Current problems of the foreign policy of the Asia-Pacific region

Liudmyla A. Vovchuk – Diplomatic and Consular Law, Modern diplomacy

Halyna V. Boichenko – Regional problems in terms of international relations, relations of Ukraine and Poland, Actual problems of international relations XX-XXI centuries.

Events and Announcements


Organizing committee of the 1st International Workshop on Information-Communication Technologies & Embedded Systems (ICT&ES-2019) is honored to announce that the event will be held on 14-15 of November, 2019 at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.
ICT&ES sets a goal to serve as a platform for publishing research results, sharing findings with other researchers, and development of collaborations between scientists. With active tremendous pace of technologies development, ICT&ES concentrates on development of models and methods in context of modern technologies and concepts
(IoT, SDN, AI, Big Data, Data Mining, Blockchain, etc.).
The program of the workshop also includes master-classes from the experts from the leading IT-companies of Mykolaiv.

Conference Topics:

  • Information systems
  • Intellectual systems
  • Software design and modeling
  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer networks
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Embedded Systems
  • Software and Hardware components of ES
  • FPGA-based systems


More detailed information can be retrieved from the official site of the conference.
Additionally, observe update on the events at Facebook.

All questions about the conference should be directed to Yaroslav Krainyk and Yevhen Davydenko.

Оголошення для викладачів Erasmus

Dear teachers!

We are happy to announce Competition for Erasmus + Teaching Mobility for two weeks at Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy.

The teacher will receive a full grant + covering for travel expenses up to € 360.

It will give you a unique opportunity to learn the best teaching practice in one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and to receive a certificate.

For more details and list of documents, please contact, International Department

Deadline for Applications – October 4, 2019.


Olbian Forum – 2018

PMBSNU is pleased to invite you to participate in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Olbian Forum-2018: Strategies of the Black Sea Region in the Geopolitical Space,” which will take place on June 7-10, 2018 (Koblevo village, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine).

The purpose of the forum is to exchange international experience of the Black Sea region countries regarding the identification of the best ways, directions, and the nature of theoretical, practical, and educational reforms adapted to European standards on the following issues: public administration; energy; radiation, technogenic and ecological safety of man and the environment; ecology; information technologies; philosophy; political science; sociology and linguistic culture, in the difficult conditions of the global financial and socio-economic crisis.

Please, contact us to get more information and join the event!

Deadline: May 14, 2018.
Phone: (0512) 76-55-99
Phone/fax: (0512) 50-00-69


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