On April 25 a meeting with representatives from Krakow University of Economics (Poland) took place at the Institute of Public Administration of Petro Mohyla Black Sea national University.

The meeting was devoted to the beginning of collaboration in terms of the project DOBRE “Decentralization brings better results and effectiveness.”

DOBRE is a five-year project that is financed at the expense of USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) and is aimed at the providing of regular support of local government reform in Ukraine.

During the meeting with Volodymyr Behlytsia, who is the vice principal on scientific work, and Svitlana Soroka, who is an associate professor of the Department of Public Administration, the representatives of Krakow University of Economics discussed all the possible variants of the university participation in “Universities Consortium for Improving State Management of Education.” They decided to unite all the powers to standardize public administration education on students, Ph.Ds. and professional levels of development.

Marek Oramus said about his hopes for effective collaboration in “Consortium”, an agreement for which is going to be signed in July 2017.

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