During the 04/02/18 – 04/05/18 a foreign lecturer Getnet Tamene of Alexander Dubcek University of (Trenčín, Slovakia) visited Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University for the third time within the Visegrad project.

On March 28, the grand opening of the stadium with artificial cover on the water base of PMBSNU took place.

On March 27, a significant event took place in the Institute of Public Administration. Masters have come to the final of their training. The defense of master’s degree works was carried out. All students showed the highest level of knowledge and successfully passed the final stage of training.

Once again Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University welcomed the successful researcher from the Italian Republic with the grounded course of lections in the General Prehistory, European Prehistory, Caucasus Prehistory and the Indian Ocean Prehistory.

On November 13th, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University held the festive opening of the All-Ukrainian Annual Scientific and Methodological Conference “Petro Mohyla Readings – 2017: Experience and Trends in the Society Development in Ukraine: Global, National and Regional Aspects” dedicated to the World Science Day for Peace and Development.

For many years, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University has been an active participant in international academic exchange programs and internships for students and lecturers all over the world.

The access to resources of Clarivate Analytics is opened for PMBSNU!

During October 9-11, the Black Sea National University hosted the honorary guests from the Saarland University (Germany).

On August 31, at the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, a solemn dedication of the freshmen students took place.

Traditionally, on July 3, every year, the main street of Mykolayiv, Soborna, is filled with a festive procession dedicated to the ceremonial awarding of diplomas to bachelors and masters of Petro Mohyla BSNU. This year’s procession was no exception.

On 8 June, at PMBSNU, the international scientific symposium “Rebellions and Revolutions in Ukraine and Poland: historical, political and international aspects (to the 100th anniversary of Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921)” within the international scientific conference “Olbian Forum-2017” was held.

Last week, in Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, it was hosted the event awaited not only by students but by the university administration as well. PMBSNU was visited by a military attaché in Ukraine, Captain 2nd

On June 8, in Petro Mohyla Black Sea national University, the XI International Scientific Conference “Olbian Forum – 2017: Strategies of the Black Sea region in the geopolitical space ” started. The event took place over 4 days, where participants cooperated in frames of sessions and conferences.

 On May 27, the innovative tournament «Best device for FAI» was held in Dnipro in Noosphere Engineering School. The purpose of the tournament is to develop and introduce a concept device for The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). The main prize – $ 5,000 and the opportunity to implement a series of devices for testing!


On May 29, the Institute of Philology provided the training on “Domestic Violence: How to write about it professionally?” for students of specialty “Journalism”.


On May 25, the Korean language competition in Petro Mohyla BSNU was held among students of Sedzhonh Institute. It was opened by Oleksandr Pronkevych,  Director of the Institute of Philology of PMBSNU. The guest of honor of the event was Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Korea – Pak Hing Kwan. Along with a teacher of Korean (Son Dzhen Khi), he chose one winner among the seventeen participants.

The Petro Mohyla BSNU team of рrogrammers and economists gained  confident victory! On April 22, the final of the 3rd Vernadsky Challenge Engineering Startup Competition 2017 took place in Lviv. Thre PMBSNU project “Cubomania” reached the final of the competition, hitting the best ten among the 230 submitted projects!

On 6 April Olena Tryhub, the artist from Mykolaiv and the senior lecturer from the Design Department of Mykolaiv Division of Kyiv National University of culture and arts, visited Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University with her exhibition.

At the support of Fulbright Program on April 11. at the assembly hall of the University, a presentation of movie “Maidan Women” took place. Marta Kolomiiets, the Director of Fulbright Program in Ukraine was at the film show.

At the support of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, the Fulbright Program visited our University with the presentation of workshop training on writing publications and articles in the international publications. The event took place in the library of The Institute of Philology.

Events and Announcements

Olbian Forum – 2018

PMBSNU is pleased to invite you to participate in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Olbian Forum-2018: Strategies of the Black Sea Region in the Geopolitical Space,” which will take place on June 7-10, 2018 (Koblevo village, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine).

The purpose of the forum is to exchange international experience of the Black Sea region countries regarding the identification of the best ways, directions, and the nature of theoretical, practical, and educational reforms adapted to European standards on the following issues: public administration; energy; radiation, technogenic and ecological safety of man and the environment; ecology; information technologies; philosophy; political science; sociology and linguistic culture, in the difficult conditions of the global financial and socio-economic crisis.

Please, contact us to get more information and join the event!

Deadline: May 14, 2018.
Phone: (0512) 76-55-99
Phone/fax: (0512) 50-00-69
E-mail: of@chmnu.edu.ua


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СashCode 2017

On June 8, at 13:00 pm the system programming competition #CashCode with the money prize will take place in PMBSNU.



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