STUDENTS-ECOLOGISTS VISITED OLBIA - Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University


On 1, October third year students of the Ecology Faculty made an excursion to the National Historic and Archaeological Preserve “Olbia”. This event was held in the terms of the project “Clean city-district-community” at the support of Specialized Seaport “Nika-Terra”.

All the students had a possibility to get acquainted with traditions, history and legends of this old city-polis Olbia. The excursion was held by Nataliia Harkusha, senior research fellow from Mykolaiv Regional museum of Local History “Staroflotski kazarmy (Old Naval Barracks)”.

This excursion began right from the border of the city-polis: the settlement was secured by a fence and two watchtowers. After getting acquainted with the defense history of the city, the group has gone to an open lapidarium and former watchtower, that is a museum now. At this museum, they could see different amphorae, household things, garniture, and dolphin-coins, etc.

The next place was the house of the Greek family. Here students got to know more about the customs of the citizens, the peculiarities of the house location and its rooms.

During this excursion, the students were lucky to see the streets of the city. First of all, they have visited the high street, where an altar for women is, and where all females could make a wish and listen to different stories and customs connected with it. Later, visitors came to the main square where temples of different Gods were and the wish altar also, where all the people could ask Gods to make their intimate dreams come true. The last place to see was the closed lapidarium and mound where a wife and a husband were buried.

After this excursion, all the visitors could buy a souvenir for themselves and ask the guide about different things that were interesting for them.

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