Lecturers and students of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University attended journalists’ workshop

Journalist is a translator. He/she renders information from the incomprehensible experts’ and professionals’ language into the one that is understood for others. Sometimes this task can be difficult, but it needs to be done.

In Mykolaiv on 8 – 9 September, the School of Social Journalism, with support of German fund of Konrad Adenauer, has organized the workshop “Paris Agreement (L’accord de Paris)”. From 1994, the Fund has their representative body in Ukraine. With the help of different workshops, conferences and meetings, they aim to tell us about the most urgent problems, moreover they try to unite as many people as possible together in order to find these problems’ solutions.

Not only mass media workers, but also students of the Department of Journalism from Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, and lecturers from this high educational establishment, have taken part in this workshop.

The talk was about ecological problems and their connection with economy. During the seminar it has been mentioned about new devices, the use of which is more friendly for the environment than earlier. New energy sources and methods of saving nature from people were discussed also.

Two days of the workshop were very informative and active. Lectors have given valuable pieces of advice for current and future mass-media workers about the way of writing something not understandable in an interesting and clear way.

The main advice was that, journalist shall remember that he/she writes and explains difficult topics to many people. Being on the place of the potential reader and trying to understand all the explanations will help all the journalists understand that.

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