Every year, on the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Literacy and Language, on 9 November, the whole country writes All-Ukrainian National Unity Dictation.

At 11 o’clock an hour radio program devoted to this action began on Ukrainian Radio. At first, the host told about the history of the radio dictation, all the participants and the conditions of its writing. At 11.30 the dictation began. That’s not the first year when Oleksandr Avramenko, the reader of Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University, dictates the text.

That’s already the sixteenth radio national unity dictation. More and more people participate in this action and this year organizers gave everyone a chance to create their own core, their own “ground” for writing the text.

That’s the first time when the students of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University participated in the action. The action was held upon the initiation of the department of Ukrainian Philology, Theory, and History of Literature. Lecturers also took active involvement among them were Iryna Danylenko, the Head of the Department of Ukrainian Philology, Theory, and History of Literature; professor Tetiana Shestopalova; readers Olena Krutoholova and Halyna Kosarieva and the lecturer of the Polish language, Oleksandra Tsybulska.

Under the terms of the action, all the works should be sent to the following address:26, Khreshchatyk, Kyiv City. Iryna Danylenko promised to do it on 10 November.

All the students were satisfied. After the dictation, everyone had a very good mood. Some were sure in the accuracy of the written text and some had doubts. Most of the participants would like to take part in such an action once more.

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