The Department of Physical Education and Sport - Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University

The Department of Physical Education and Sport


The Department of Physical Education and Sport is one of the departments that were created after the foundation of the university in 1996.

The Department includes 24 highly skilled specialists. The head of the Department is Antonina Mykolaivna Dymova.

The main objective of the teaching staff’s activity is academic, organizational and educational work oriented on increasing the quality of classes, improving sport activities and recreational work, developing knowledge, skills, the need to go in for sports, healthy lifestyle and highly productive student’s work.

The classes of physical education are organized in such a way that all students are involved into sports. Sports trainings are conducted in different study groups: educational, special or medical, and section groups.

There are football, basketball, volleyball, rowing, swimming, track and field athletics, badminton, table tennis, chess, gymnastics, martial arts, rhythmic gymnastics, and arm wrestling sports sections.

The lecturers of the Department are highly skilled specialists in different kinds of sports, they teach separate sports sections. The class schedule is made up in order to meet the requirements of students who are interested to be engaged in sports sections.

The material and technical resources of the university are being replenished, the progress of students is improving, and the amount of sports and mass activities is increasing every year.

The sports base of the university consists of 2 sports halls (a hall for game sports and a hall for martial arts and rhythmic gymnastics), and 2 gyms (at the university and in the dormitory).

A water sports complex with a modern equipped gym, changing rooms, methodical offices, rest rooms, a mooring raft and a shed for sports boats was opened in September 2011 for giving rowing classes.

The results of the Department of Physical Education and Sport are highly valued not only because of its educational, scientific and methodological work, but also because of the sports and mass work results of students.

The students of the Department take an active part in competitions between universities and often win.

The sportsmen used to win prizes at the World, European and Ukrainian championships.

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