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Teaching Staff

Department of Medical Biology, Human Anatomy, Histology, Cytology and Embryology


Hennadii V. Hryschenko – the Director of the Institute, PhD of Medical Science. The Member of International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences (IAELPS). Scientific interests: computer testing in the vocational selection system, career-oriented work, organization of psychological and pedagogical testing of applicants; improvement of practical decision of regional recreation problems; organisational and methodical, and practical implementation of methods of medical and psychological, ecopsychological, and social and psychological region popularity rehabilitation.


Mykhailo S. Kozii – the Head of the Department, Doctor of Biological Science. Scientific interests: improvement and practical implementation of innovative methods of histological techniques; comparative hydro biontshistology; microanatomical monitoring the conditions of organs; and the tissues of aquatic organisms in natural reservoir and their adaptive changes in transformed existence conditions.

Julia O. Nakonechna – the Head of Laboratory of Medical Biology, Human Anatomy, Histology, Cytology and Embryology Department.


Natalia L. Sarafaniuk – Acting Lecture of the Department, the first category doctor.


Svitlava S. Artiuh – the Head of Laboratory of Medical Biology, Human Anatomy, Histology, Cytology and Embryology, Master of Physical Therapy Department.


Natalia O. Yakovenko – Acting Reader of the Department, PhD of Medical Science. Speciality is “Pediatry”.


Julia V. Tsykalo – the Leading Specialist of the Department.

Department of Physical and Medical Rehabilitation


Viktor O. Ziuzin the Head of Department, the Doctor of Medical Science, Professor. Holds classes on the following courses: “Program Development of Physical Rehabilitation,” “Rehabilitation Technologies,” “Principles of Marketing Manegement in Physical Rehabilitation,” “Biomedical Principals of Physical Rehabilitation,” and “Immunobiological Principles of Physical Rehabilitation.”


Mykola O. Klymenko – the Prorector for Educational and Pedagogical Work and Development, Department Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor. Scientific interests: inflammation pathonomy.


Natalia A. Volodka – the Senior Lecturer of the Department. Holds classes on the following courses: “Fundamentals of Medicine,” “Fundamentals of Orthobiosis,” “Rehabilitation Massage, Fundamentals of Physical Rehabilitation,” “Incidental Medical Service,” and “Physical Rehabilitation in Geriatrics.”


Olena S. Drobotun – the Senior Lecturer. Progressive Medic and Rehabilitation “ReaMed” Center Recreation Therapist. Scientific interests: body system traumas and dyscrasias in physical rehabilitation, latest techniques of physical rehabilitation, health psychology, psychosomatics, developmental and pedagogical psychology, clinical psychology, training technologies in physical rehabilitation and psychology.


Dmytro V. Ziuzin – the Senior Lecturer of the Department, Master of Physical Rehabilitation. Holds classes on the following courses: “Technical Facilities of Physical Rehabilitation,” “Physical Medicine,” “Sanitary Science,” “Sports Medicine,” and “Principles of Sensible Nutrition.” Scientific interests: valeology, physical rehabilitation, the latest technologies in physical rehabilitation, sanitary science, ecology, and histological anatomy.



Department of Ecology and Environmental Management


Olena P. Mitriasova – the Head of the Department, the Doctor of Pedagogy Science, Professor. Scientific interests: pedagogy of higher educational institutions; lecturing methods in the higher educational institutions; conceptual approaches; content, methods, forms and instruments of the ecological, natural and chemical education; efficient use of natural resources issues; social aspects of sustainable development.

Leonid P. Klymenko – the Doctor of Principal, Technical Science, Professor. Served the internship in the U.S. State Depatment, Government of Germany, scientific organizations of France, Italy, Poland, India and other countries. Scientific interests: tribology; internal-combustion engines; regional issues of constant development; energy-saving technologies; renewable energy resources involving in power delivery systems; higher education system of Ukraine; university autonomy.

Viacheslav I. Andreev – the Reader of Ecology and Natural Management Department, PhD of Technical Science, Reader; the Head of Postgraduate Studiesand Preparation for Doctor’s Degree Department. Scientific interests: a development of the alternative energy preservation complexes for the separated territories of the southern Ukraine; innovations in the sphere of composite porous materials.


Antonina A. Bila – the Head of Medical Chemistry Laboratory. Scientific interests: ecological tourism, ecological education.


Natalia O. Voskoboynikova – the Reader of the Department, PhD of Technical Science, Reader; the Member of SO “Ecological Society of America (ESA)”. Scientific interests: the energy preservation by using renewable energy resources in the heat and cold supply; the Green Building; the scientific methods development of the impact on environment complex characterization and elaboration of increasing environmental safety mechanism through the sustainable usage of alternative and traditional energy resources; ecological safety; indicators and indexes of the ecological safety; regional aspects of constant development.

Naum H. Hrabak – the Professor of the Department, the Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor. Scientific interests: soil defense, energy preservation in agro-industry, organic production of plant growing.


Valerii V. Dobrovolskii – the Reader of the Department, PhD in Technical Sciences. Scientific interests: the theory and practice of ecology and constant development.


Svitlana Y. Kelina – the Reader of Ecology and Nature Management Department, PhD of Chemical Sciences, Reader. Scientific interests: analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and ecology.


Diana O. Krysinska – the Lecturer of the Department (on a part-time basis). International Environmental Protection project Competitor under the Open World Program financed by Congress of the USA, which is performed by the Congressional Library Leadership Center and run by the ACTR/ACCELS (American Councils). Scientific interests: ecological safety, constant development, environmental risks and water supply difficulties.


Svitlana H. Lebid – the Reader of the Department, PhD of Pedagogy Sciences. Scientific interests: ecological and biological education, bioindication.


Irina O. Maliuchenko – the Senior Lecturer, Magister of Ecology, specialty: ecology and environmental conservation. Scientific interests: professional ecological education, interactive computer technologies.


Hanna V. Niepieina – the Lecturer of the Department Senior, Master of Ecology on specialty “Ecology and environmental protection”. Scientific interests: education for sustainable development, professional ecological education.


Larysa I. Patrusheva – the Reader of the Department, PhD of Geography Science. Scientific interests: reserve management and studies, eco-tourism.


Larysa K. Serbulova – the Senior Lecturer of the Department, hydraulic engineer. Scientific interests: eco-tourism, landscape design, energy-efficient building.


Viktor M. Smyrnov – the Acting Reader of the Ecology Studies and Natural Resource Management Department, PhD of Geology Science. Scientific interests: the forms of heavy metals occurrence in the objects of ecological interest.

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