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The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology was established on the 1st of September 2014. The main task of the department is to give the student the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and to give the Psychology course to the students from the other departments of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University. Students get the theoretical knowledge and practical skills according to the curriculum of Psychology departments of the classic universities.

This curriculum includes General, Developmental, Educational, Experimental, Social, Differential, Engineer, Clinical, Legal and Political Psychology. The History of Psychology, the Psychology of Management, the Labor Psychology, Psychodiagnostics, Pathopsychology, Elementary Psychology are also studied.

Among all the disciplines of natural-scientific studies also should be mentioned such courses as the Anatomy and Evolution of Nervous System, the Theory of  Biology and Human Genetics, Psychophysiology, Human Ecology and Ecological Psychology, Anthropology, Animal Behaviour and Comparative Psychology. In addition to these basic studying subjects, students of the department are offered a number of humanities: the English and Ukrainian Language, the History of Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture, Philosophy and Political Science.

The Department of Psychology includes one Doctor of Psychology, five Candidates of Psychology and four Associate Professors. The head of the department, Y. V. Vasyliev is the first professor in Mykolaiv, who has developed the «future real» approach in psychology and individual-oriented methodology. The head of the department published 7 books and more than 80 articles devoted to the problems of Individual-Oriented and «Future Real» Psychology.

Department staff:

-I. V. Astremska, MSc (Psychology), the specialist in amendment of psychological behavior and consulting;  Astremska Irina, kanditdat psychological sciences. The author of 41scientific worksin psychology, social work, including in professional journals.She is the author oftwoother teachingaids, including onelabeled with MES. She has the experience of 19 years of pedagogical activity, which with 8 years of research, 12years of experience of a psychologist(the highest category). Research interests:child psychology, social worksupervision etc.

-I. M. Khorzhevska, MSc (Psychology), research interests – the problem of professional deformation of the specialists’ personality; candidate of psychological Sciences, assistant Professor of the Department of psychology, Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University,  Mykolaiv.  The author of 40 scientific works on psychology, including in professional journals. She is the author ftwoother teachingaids, including onelabeled with MES.  She has the experience of 13 years of pedagogical activity, which with 10 years of research. Pursuing doctoral studies.The theme of the dissertation is “Psychological bases of professional culture of experts of law enforcement”.

-A. V. Vasylieva, MSc (Psychology), research interests – Children Pathopsychology, Psychotherapy and psychocorrection, psychosomatic disorders, addictive behavior, the Psychology of Sexuality, Gender Psychology; Vasilyeva Anna V. graduated from Mykolaiv State Pedagogical Institute in Practical psychology and Russian language and literature in 1998. After that she passed training courses in medical psychology at the Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education at the Department of Medical Psychology and sexual pathology. From 1999 till 2003 she studied medical psychology at graduate school Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 2004 she defended the Candidate dissertation on “Dynamics of cognitive disorders in the treatment of different groups of antipsychotics (with the focus on patients with schizophrenia)”, (by specialty 19.00.04 – medical psychology. ) In 2006 she received her diploma of associate professor. Anna Vasilyeva’s interests include Psychodiagnostics personality, children pathopsychology, psychotherapy and psychological correction, psychosomatic disorders, dependent behavior, psychology of sexuality, gender psychology. She is a member of Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists. She has over 25 scientific and educational publications.

-V. I. Kanevskyi, MSc (Psychology), a leading expert in the Psychology of Suicide and Parasuicide; Kanevskyi Viktor, kandidat psychological sciences, docent. The author of 20 scientific worksin psychology, including in professional journals.He is the author oftwoother teachingaid. He hasthe experience of 14 years of pedagogical and ofresearch activity. Certified specialist in the Positive Psychotherapy (сертификат The German Association of Positive Psychoterapy (DGPP e.V.), Wiesbaden). Consultant suicidology in emergency hospital. Research interests: crisis counseling, distant counseling, psychology of group.

-V. M. Husak, Senior Lecturer, research interests – professional and psychological culture of future social workers; the master of social work, teacher at the Department of  Psychology Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University. In 2007 graduated from the faculty of  sociology by specialty «Social work», in  2010 – the post-graduate course by specialty 13.00.04. Theory and methods of professional education  Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University; 2006-2011 – Basic Course of  Positive Psychotherapy and  «Coaching and Counselling in Organization. Positive Approach» (Ukrainian Institute of Positive Cross-cultural Psychotherapy and Management; Academy of  Positive  Psychotherapy (Wiesbaden,  Germany). Her research interests include the development of psychological culture and personal maturity of students,  facilitating subject-subjective approach in higher education, interactive teaching methods, informal lifelong education, T&D-technology.

-O. M. Amplieieva, MSc (Psychology), research interests – General and Experimental Psychology, the History of Psychology, psychological consulting, professional development of an individual and Theory of Practical Psychology. Ampleyeva Olga, candidate of psychological sciences. The author of 8 scientific works in psychology, including in professional journals. She has the experience of 6 years and 6 months of pedagogical activity, which with 6 months of research, 6 years of experience of a psychologist. Research interests: history of psychology, psychological consulting, professional formation of the personality etc.

– Y.V. Vasiliev  – doctor of psychology, professor, the head of the department of Psychology in Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University. Scientific interest(is) – psychology of personality. Vasiliev Y.V develops special direction of psychology – futuristic psychology, which death the personality orientation at the future situation.The main idea of this direction is that the personality lives with future and for sake of future. Also he developed the method of purposeful direction of personality. Vasiliev  has 80 publications, 7 of which are monographs.

– Natalia Lukina is graduated from Petro Mohyla Black Sea State university  and got masters degree of Social Work in 2014. Since 2014, she has worked as a leading specialist on the department of Psychology. Now she is postgraduate student speciality of  Psychology. The candidate researches is goal orientation of perfection persons. Scientific interests are psychology, perfectionalism and goal orientation.

The main direction of the scientific researches of the Department is the problem of the individual focused targeting.


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