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English Philology Department

The Department of English Philology was established in 1998 and is one of the oldest departments at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University. With more than 30 members of academic staff (2 professors,7 associate professors, 12 senior lecturers,12 lecturers) the Department of English Philology offers a wide range of theoretical and practical courses of English as the first and second foreign language as well as the specialized English teaching for Postgraduate studies and Pre-University Education. Each year, about 60 new major students are admitted to the department. They graduate with two academic degrees: BA, MA. Since 2006 student can apply for postgraduate studies.
The Department is aimed at providing quality training to students. Thus the professional level of the staff is of great importance. Our teachers keep honing and improving their skills by taking part in different academic exchange programs. Many professors and teachers of the department were trained in different programs established by the Fulbright Foundation. Moreover, the academic staff members are involved in regular summer training institute for teachers of English, organized with the assistance of the US Embassy. All members of the department actively cooperate with TESOL –an international organization of teachers of English. In addition to our professional staff, English Philology regularly hosts visiting lecturers and scholars from both Ukrainian and American Universities, as well as lecturers and teachers from the Peace Corps.
One of the priorities of the Department of English Philology is research work. It has a broad focus ranging from linguistics and philology to translation and literary studies. The academic staff members are actively involved in different scientific projects and take part in various Ukrainian and international conferences, write articles and textbooks.
The Department of English Philology is interested in promoting international exchange of students and teachers and their integration into the world educational, cultural and scientific space, as well as improving the quality of education of future professionals through international funds and strengthening the authority of the Black Sea National University abroad.


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