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Department of Olympic and Professional Sports

Department of Olympic and Professional Sports is graduating department of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport for the field of study “Sport”, which was created on the 1st September, 2014.

The main activity of the department is organization and implementation of the educational process of training coaches for chosen sport and Physical Education Teachers.

During the studying process of disciplines, the students of the department acquire such abilities and skills:

– to use effectively general and specific methodological principles of the process of physical education and sports training;

– to organize classes in various sports, groups of general physical training;

– to master various forms of physical education and sports training;

– to determine the level of development and physical qualities of the individual and assess it in accordance with the training program and age-specific rate;

– to form a perfect posture and body structure by means of physical education and sports training;

– to use standard and nonstandard equipment, sport tools, technical gears of training during the classes;

– to master spotting skills and apply them during exercising;

– to predict the desired results of training process on the basis of consideration of adaptation patterns to training influence;

– to make planning documents (schedule of the educational process for one academic year, work plan, class outlines) using the curriculum and the program of physical education, including material and technical base of the institution;

– to prepare documentation for planning of the studying process (long-term plan, annual schedule, various types of mesocycles and microcycles, plans of training classes) using regulatory documents;

– to plan strategy and tactics of the competitive activities, taking into account physical condition of the athlete, the membership of the opponents, the peculiarity of the judiciary, the means by which the competitions are held;

– to select and to use informative and reliable tests for the determination of the individuals’ physical fitness according to their age and qualifications and specificity of the kind of sport.

Department staff:

  • Anatolii Oleksandrovych Avramenko – member of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, MD (pathophysiology), professor, Head of the Laboratory of chronic Helicobacter pylori, physician-gastroenterologist, highly skilled endoscopist, the author of 263 scientific publications, including two monographs – “Helikobakterioza” (2004) and “ Peptic ulcer (essays of clinical pathophysiology)” (2008), one textbook and fifteen patents for inventions and useful models of diagnosis and treatment of chronic Helicobacter pylori. The Lead author of ulceration new theory (ammonia-alkaline damage) (Avramenko A.A., Gozhenko A.I., 2007). Experience of researching work on the problem of chronic Helicobacter pylori – 22 years. The last 3 years, the Center for Progressive Medicine and Rehabilitation «Rea + Med» conducts active researches on diagnosis and new schemes for the treatment of precancerous gastric mucosa (atrophy, bowel metaplasia, dysplasia), where the medication is combined with ozone therapy.

  • Nila Kazimirivna Kazimirko

  • Serhii Viktorovych Latyshev

  • Ihor Valentynovych Holovchenko

  • Svitlana Ivanivna Danylchenko

  • Andrii Anatoliiovych Chernozub

  • Karen Vahanovych Abramov

  • Mykola Semenovych Ilin

  • Hanna Volodymyrivna Titova



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