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Department of Local Government, Regional Development and Political Analytics

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In 2010 by the Rector’s order № 834 dated June 18 the Department of Local Government, Regional Development and Political Analytics was created, headed by Professor Yurii Hryhorovych Kalnysh, Dr. Sc. (State Management).

According to the Rector’s order «On structural reorganization of the Institute of State Management» № 960-K dated April 17, 2014 and in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council № 8 dated March 13, 2014 for training in the specialty 8.1501009 «Local Government» the department received a new name – Local Government, Regional Development and Political Analytics. Professor O. N. Yevtushenko, Dr. Sc. (Politics) was appointed the Head of the Department.

The department was created in response to the needs of the Ukrainian society that requires skilled specialists capable of providing the qualitative development of civil society institutions, of increasing their expertise in public life, implementing the policy of improving the efficiency of local government.

The academic teaching staff of the Department of Local Government, Regional Development and Political Analytics includes 10 people, among which one Dr. Sc. (Politics), Professor (O. N. Yevtushenko), two Dr. Sc. (State Management) V. N. Yemel’yanov, S. V. Soroka; one Cand. Sc. (Politics), Associate Professor (V. I. Andriyash), three Cand. Sc. (State Management) L. V. Kozlova, S. P. Tymofieiev, O. M. Shtyriov; three postgraduates (A. A. Ibrahimova, S. M. Plevak, O. S. Ortseva).

The key topic of the department: «The local organization of government, regional development in the conditions of political formation and reform in Ukraine: political and legal, organizational, ethnic, social and cultural aspects». Moreover, the representatives of the department explore issues of political and ethnic-and-national processes in Ukraine and their role in the reform of local government.

The Head of the department, Professor O. N. Yevtushenko, and the Director of the Institute, Professor V. M. Yemel’yanov, are the members of the working group «On support and implementation of the activities on amalgamation in Mykolaiv region». Furthermore, according to this project, the department annually organizes various conferences, round tables and symposia, participants of which are not only lecturers of the department, but also representatives of the local government in Mykolaiv.

Each year young scholars defend doctor and candidate theses. Now V. I. Andriyash and L. V. Kozlova are preparing to defend their doctor theses, and A. A. Ibrahimova is finishing her candidate thesis. Representatives of the department take an active part in Ukrainian and International conferences and regularly publish monographs, textbooks, books and academic articles, both in national and foreign publications.

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