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The founder of the department of Land Resource Management and the head of the department is an honored scientist, professor Valeriy Valerii Vasylovych Horlachuk. The academic department staff consists of one doctor of economic science, a professor of land management, 3 candidates of economic science, associate professors, 1 senior teacher and 2 teachers. The members of the Department published more than 20 textbooks. The employees regularly attend professional training at leading institutions of higher education in Ukraine and abroad.
The department of land resource management prepares students who will get a bachelor degree in “Geodesy and Land Management.” Students take such professional courses as:
1) Geodesy, including satellite geodesy;
2) Cartography;
3) Land management;
4) State Land Cadastre;
5) Land Law;
6) Land management;
7) Environmental economics;
8) Registration of lands;
9) State control over the use of land;
10) Soil and others.
Specialists in the field “Geodesy and Land Management” can apply for such positions as a land surveyor, a cartographic draftsman, a land valuation officer or a real estate appraiser, a specialist in land management, a geoinformation systems specialist in Land Resources Management, a land use inspector, a property law public registrar, a land resource manager and marketing expert, and others. Students who got a bachelor degree in Geodesy and Land Management have the opportunity to continue studying and

Valerii Vasylovych Horlachuk – Doctor of Science, Economics, professor , the head of the Department of land resource management. He defended his doctor thesis on the subject of “Ecological and economic problems of land use in Western Ukraine”. Valerii Horlachuk received a Doctor of Economics Degree and in 2002 and became a professor. Valeriy Vasilevich is one of the leading local researchers in the field of land use. The Scientific activity of Valerii Vasylovych Horlachuk is reflected in more than 150 scientific papers, including 10 individual monographs, 7 monographs co-authored, 4 textbooks, 6 textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Valerii Horlachuk has more than 30 years of teaching experience at University, including 13 years at Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University. He is the founder and director of the young scientists’ school at the Department of Land Management.

His research interests are land management, environmental economics, problems of land market and land cadastre, land valuation, development of protected areas and recreations.

Valerii Vasylovych Horlachuk was awarded the title of honor “The Honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine” in 2009 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine for his personal contribution to the socio-economic, scientific-technical and cultural development of Ukraine, significant achievements in his profession, and many years of hard work.

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